about us


Unparalleled Paint is a family owned and operated company proudly serving southern Ontario, from Oakville to Cobourg. We paint everything, at a time that is convenient for you so that you don’t have to! 

The Unparalleled Paint team are experts, providing interior and exterior painting services in your home or business. Detail-oriented, Unparalleled Paint knows what it takes to get the perfect paint job. Clients search for contractors they can trust and people they can rely on to complete a job to the highest of standards. Our highly skilled, professional, and respectful crew takes great care when welcomed to your home or business and deliver unparalleled quality and satisfaction.

Meet the UPaint Team!

Kurt Welch, Owner, General Manager

Kurt is the reason we paint everything! If it is paintable, he knows how to paint it and what products to use. It’s seriously amazing the depth of knowledge Kurt has on the subject. Efficient, Kurt has aligned himself with industry professionals who support our company. Paint supply companies (like Dulux), quartz providers (like Caesarstone), carpenters, home renovators, and so many more all dedicated to unparalleled customer service experience.

Khiara Welch, Regional Sales Manager

Khiara loves meeting with prospective customers. Khiara will meet you in your home and discuss the details of your project, your expectations and provide you with a complimentary quote, on the spot! 

Emmanual Igburuke, Project Coordinator

Emmanual is our Project Coordinator for commercial, industrial and custom home projects. Bid submissions are handled differently from residential quotes and Emmanual oversees the process from receipt of the bid to acceptance and finally throughout the project to completion.

Meghan Gaudet, Office Manager

Meghan may be last on the list but she is the first one you should call! Meghan manages and oversees booking appointments for quotes, sending out agreements, invoicing, and so much more. But seriously, you really should call her first.


Environmental Accountability

Climate change is real. Climate action is everyone’s responsibility. Limiting the amount of waste each project creates is paramount when we quote, prepare and expedite each job. Below are examples of ways we maintain our environmental accountability.

  • We use paints with low or zero volatile organic compounds (VOCs).
  • Only order the paint that we need.
    • For example, we often get asked, “Why not just get a 5 gallon pail, you are ordering 4 gallons anyways? It would be cheaper!” Sure, but what happens when we only needed 3.5 gallons? Rather than leaving the customer with a half gallon for touch ups, we are now encumbering them with a 5 gallon pail, and an additional gallon and half of unnecessary paint!
  • Reuse lightweight plastic furniture coverings for multiple jobs.
  • Use recyclable paper to protect the floors rather than create more waste with single use plastic. 
  • Our painters wash and reuse their rollers, brushes, trays, and liners.